About Me

My story. Be inspired.

Hi I am Sarah Okafor and I would like to welcome you to my online boutique. Thats me in the bottom left selfie photo, no photoshop sorry (smile). The boutique has been my little labour of love, all put together by me. I do hope if nothing else you can find some sources of inspiration for your self styled look book from the content it  has to offer.  If you do, please kindly share the site with your friends and family and on your social media pages. I would be very grateful. I set up my boutique because I wanted to share my love of buying classic designer inspired leather handbags, fabulous chic fashion and accessories without the need to spend over hundreds and thousands of pounds on one item just to own quality products.  

On a personal note, I am just in love with buying and wearing leather handbags in classic designs, in beautiful bright colours. I am also crazy about  wearing high heels and I even drive in them (smile). I love the feel of beautiful silk scarves around my neck or brushing over my shoulders as they keep me feeling warm and I can avoid the need for wearing a coat unless its raining of course. I believe that a scarf offers the one item of value of upping your style stakes instantly regardless of your age or gender. The right scarf looks good on everyone. Over the years I would look for and find timeless, classic affordable unbranded designs that allowed me to always look and feel stylish and polished. I received many compliments, especially on the variety of quality leather handbags I owned in so many different beautiful and bright colours. 

I realised I loved the challenge of finding, buying and styling these hidden gems and one day my son and my husband suggested I turn my passion into a small business. My husband said it was probably the only way I could justify continuing to buy any more handbags, clothes and accessories.  I laughed but thought how exciting that would be, and after a career as a lawyer I also thought how much pleasure it would give me to be doing something completely different but was also a different type of passion and another way of helping people. 

Spending hundreds and thousands of pounds on one item of fashion is not for everyone. It is not just about affordability. It is about choices. Not everyone that could afford it wants to spend a huge amount of money on material items. In my own case, as a lawyer in my professional career I worked with departments whose clients were often in difficult social and or economic circumstances including homelessness.  It was not open to me, and I did not want to parade myself around holding handbags that had cost me thousands of pounds. It was against my conscience knowing that many people were living in such difficult circumstances and that I was paid to represent public authroities out of the public purse.  But I did want to look good and presentable because I do love fashion. I believe I found the right balance.  I bring that balance to my boutique.

Helping you to find affordable quality pieces that will look great and help you feel confident in putting together your personal look book from season to season is what my boutique is here to promote.  Luxury is not limited to the high end fashion brands. Good quality affordable products offer you luxury without compromising on the feel good factor and the buying expereince. 

You will find a beautiful selection of quality products starting with beautifully crafted leather handbags in the boutique.  I shall be adding to the handbag inventory and in some of the styles you would be able to back order for a colour that we do not currently have in stock. Back ordering can take up to 21 days for home delivery, but believe me it is worth it. It can hold the price of an item so you do not pay more if the item price increases during that time and it also means you get to try and secure the colour and style of bag you want. This is important because in some of the styles we sell certain colours are limited or hard to get.  

I shall also be introducing some limited styles of shoes, and accessories as well as some limited amounts and styles of quality clothing basics that are seasonless stables for your look book. I will also be introducing some limited quality menswear and apparel; so please subscribe to receive updates of when new products are added for you to check out. 


June 2017